1 Week Left!

Hey guys! I finally got my blog up and going thanks to Matt.

Thanksgiving break was great. I went to Fuquay to spend time with Matt and his family for Thanksgiving on Tuesday and then we headed to Ktown for Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday afternoon. I ate 4 times but I am not gonna complain. Nothing like homecooking!

We are finally in the long stretch...I only have 6 days of class left and I am so thankful. This has probably been the hardest semester since I've been in college. 4, 3000 level history classes is definately not a good idea. I've got about 5 papers to write before all of this is over and ofcourse 5 exams. I can handle the exams though. This week is gonna be tough but if I make it through then I will be fine. I'm on duty 3 nights and I have the majority of my papers due this week.

Leave me a message while you're checking out my blog. I'll try to post later this week. Bye for now!



Now I have a blog too!