Kitchen Remodel Reveal

I posted a few months ago that we were going to remodel our kitchen and I also promised to keep you updated, but I never did write a blog post. We did post facebook pictures, so I didn't do too bad. We are in the home stretch of finishing up our kitchen. We still need to get our new stove & dishwasher, give the walls a fresh coat of paint & do our tile back splash. However, The big tasks of replacing countertops & painting the cabinets are finished. Before I show you the new kitchen, take a look at our kitchen before.

And the new, almost finished kitchen.

We felt like the kitchen was really dark and I'm all about lightening up things a bit, so we painted our cabinets antique white, got a smaller cafe table, added the island back in for more counter/cabinet space, got a new sink/faucet, & replaced the counter tops with a more neutral color. I'm proud of the way things turned out. Like I said, it's not finished but we've come a long way. AND the thing is, we did everything ourselves except install the counter tops. Matt & his dad ripped the old ones out and did the plumbing. We are proud of ourselves considering neither one of us are really do-it-yourselfers. We'll be posting soon with the finished product!

When you get a chance, take a look at our "family" website. Matt's going to post about our project outside....



Today is my 25th birthday and as I began to think about all the many blessings that God has given me over the years, I could not help but to continue to just be amazed that my baby brother went to his junior prom yesterday. It seems like just yesterday he was coming home from the hospital and we were all taking turns "babysitting" him...aka...playing rough while our mom cooked dinner. I remember once we were playing house and my other brother, Andrew, stabbed Luke in the eye with a chair...mom had to rush him to the emergency room because we cut his eye open. Ok, so anyway...I thought I would share a few pictures from yesterday.

I am so proud of all of my siblings, and I am proud of the man my little brother is becoming. He is so handsome! He has big dreams of playing football in college and would love to go to Carolina. He is such a smart boy, loves Jesus, and does such a good job of trying to take care of my momma. Although, he is the baby and he is SPOILED ROTTEN!

Sara Caulder, I promise a sneak peak of the kitchen improvements is coming this week! It's not done, but the cabinets are back in 1 piece, we have a new kitchen table, & new counter tops.


The Occasional Blogger?

Matt's blog is titled "the occasional blogger." I'm starting to wonder if I should rename my blog "the occasional blogger too." Life has just been really really busy this winter.

Our kitchen is still not finished and my spring break is halfway over. I was really hoping it would be completely finished by now...but it's not. We still have no cabinet doors & the counter tops have not been changed...they have been ordered though. We are aiming to have the kitchen completely finished by summer now. Ha! The cabinets should be back to normal within the next few weeks, but we still have the daunting task of painting the kitchen (and the living room since they are pretty much only separated by a half wall).

I promised to write a good blog post over my spring break, but honestly, I haven't stopped long enough to sit down and write. Monday I had to teach, to make up a snow day. Tuesday I went shopping and used some gift cards from Christmas & yesterday I don't really know what I did besides have lunch with my friend Rachel. Today I began a little spring cleaning, but I won't finish before we leave for Kannapolis tonight. Not that any of you care what I've been doing over spring break....

Maybe I'll have a good post coming up soon...something a little more profound that what I'm up to. For now, love you all!