It seems that I've lost all motivation to do anything recently. I have a gazillion thank you cards to write for the wonderful shower gifts we've received for Laney & I have curriculum to write for the English class & College Prep class I'm teaching in the fall.

I almost feel like I lost so much rest during the school year & I'm not sleeping well at night that all I can seem to do is lay around...soooo bad. I know that once Laney gets here I will be going non-stop with her & writing cards and curriculum will be the least of my worries so I really need to get going now.

I know deep down somewhere in me is all the motivation to get this stuff done...hopefully I will find it today. My days are ticking away....Laney will be here any day! Pray I find it fast!


Happy 4th of July!

It's been a different 4th of July for me. I have so many memories of the 4th...Growing up we always got together with friends & family to celebrate, went to the beach, or the lake. I've spent two 4th of July's out of the country on missions and in college, I always worked at Caswell and we always found a special way to celebrate...whether it was a worship service, serving in Gulfport, Mississippi or watching fireworks at camp. The past few years Matt & I have celebrated at the beach with my family...but this year, we haven't really done anything "out of the ordinary." We knew we couldn't go to the beach this year because my due date is just 14 days away and for some reason we just didn't make plans with anyone.

So...when I woke up this morning, I was automatically in a bad mood...I'll have to admit these pregnancy hormones have gotten the best of me these days, everything upsets me & I'm waayyyy too sensitive. Poor Matt searched for quite sometime for something "fun" to do it the area...go to the lake, the pool, go downtown and none of it seemed to satisfy me. He felt helpless as I cried about how we had nothing to do and we were "boring." Basically, I rolled around in self pitty until about 2:00...lol, poor poor Matt. Finally we ended up laying around watching "Talladega Nights," (classy...I know) reminiscing & catching up on life. Sad, but we NEVER get to do stuff like this. It was so nice to just talk & laugh and spend time with my best friend.

Tonight I'm cooking dinner, like I had planned to do...barbeque chicken, homemade mac & cheese, and some fresh veggies that I got at the farmer's market (of course...Matt won't eat those veggies). It's an all-American meal & then Matt's parents and sister are bringing dessert. We watched fireworks last night, so we'll probably just hang out with them tonight.

Even though it's been a "different kind of 4th," it has turned out to be a great day around the house with my best friend. He's promised me we'll go to the beach when Laney gets here & we're settled...I'll get my beach vacation eventually!
(Matt & I last year on the 4th)

Happy 4th of July everyone, I hope your day has been just as great as mine!