My Precious Sister

I've been blogging a lot about my life lately, so this time I thought I would share a little about what's going on in the life of my family...

My precious little sister, not so little anymore, is preparing to compete for the title of Miss Cabarrus County. She has done pageants before, and was Teen Miss Cabarrus County about 6 or 7 years ago. She enjoyed it and competed a few years ago in the miss division. For a few years Anna felt like she was done with pageants, but this summer she felt called to do them...for a different reason. Anna's testimony is about how God has taught her to find her self worth in him and has become a very confident young woman. She's learned that she is beautiful because she has Jesus. This summer by working on the bedotell team, God used her to share her testimony to help young girls struggling with self-esteem issues.

Anna feels called to work with young students that struggle with self-esteem to acheive great things in life. She believes that by winning a title like Miss Cabarrus County, she can reach many students living in the Cabarrus/Rowan county area. She would also be able to compete for the title of Miss North Carolina and have the possibility of sharing her testimony with people all over North Carolina.

Everything has fallen into place for Anna...from finding the perfect wardrobe to finding the funds to pay for everything. I truly believe that God has his hand in this and that Anna can win on November 7th, God will use her to make a difference in the lives of students. Please join me in praying for her and this huge opportunity in front of her.

I am so proud of my sister, it is so evident that she is listening to the voice of the Lord. I can't wait to see what he does!


Great Weekend!

Matt and I sat down at the end of the summer and planned our calendar for the fall. We were determined to have some weekends at home working in our yard or just relaxing...unfortunately we didn't get as many weekends at home as we wanted. Our fall has been booked with ASU football games, trips home to watch my brother play football, watching Anna compete in Miss Cabarrus County, and other misc. things...state fair, the race (Matt's anniversary gift...I'm only going for him...not because I want to but that's another blog post for another time) Chowan homecoming, and weddings of good friends. We are busy busy to say the least...maybe we'll slow down in the winter.

This weekend was a great one! We started the weekend by watching Luke play football at A.L. Brown, they played against Cox Mill. He got to play the entire second half of the game and he did very well. They won 66-7, and we had a great time. He is so big! Take a look at this picture of us after the game...he was so sweaty and nasty. I asked for a picture with him and this is what I got.

We also got to see my cousin's daughter, Mary Beth, cheer for Cox Mill. She's Luke's age and this is her first year cheering. She's really good.

On Saturday we headed to Boone for some ASU football. It was homecoming and I got to see a lot of people I graduated with. Matt and I spent the day with his sisters, Megan and Morgan. We watched the parade, enjoyed some King Street shopping, and of course watched the Moutaineers play some football. Although they played horrible, they still beat NC Central 55-21. It rained most of the day, but thankful cleared up for the game. We had a great time, I love and miss Boone a lot!

Until next weekend, have a great week! Hopefully it will fly...next weekend, state fair and the Charlotte race!


For Mom...Fall Time!

My mom always wants to know what my home decor looks like. She's always been a great decorator and she's taught me how to decorate using what I have or buying cheap and doing it myself. I enjoy decorating and like to do decorate by season...just like my mom. So, this blog post is for my mom. This weekend Matt and I were able to continue working on our house. He worked in the yard and I did some work inside.

The people that lived here before we did were horrible at keeping up the yard. Matt has done a great job at getting rid of weeds, clearing out flower beds, and getting rid of dead stuff. This past weekend Matt and his dad spend all day Saturday working in the huge bed in our front yard. They disposed of a whole trailer full of dead weeds, trees, and junk. Our yard looks ten times better than it did before we moved in, but we still have a long way to go. I did the normal cleaning this weekend, but I also did some fall decorating. A few weeks ago I did a little fall decorating, but this weekend I finished my task. I decorated the mantle and made a wreath for our front door. I used stuff that I bought last year and a wreath that I got at Hobby Lobby for $2.50. I made the wreath for about $12 total. (Including some apples & pears I bought at TJ Max for $3 and some leaf garland from Hobby Lobby) I was proud, those things sell in the stores for anywhere from $20 to $100!

Take a look at some pictures from the weekend, so excited about fall!