So, What's Up With Magan Keith?

Ok, so I had a blog a while back. Matt created it for me right after we started dating and I never did a great job of keeping it up. And then we created our own "website" for our friends and family to keep up with us...that hasn't worked too well for us either. This past weekend we saw Sara Caulder and she mentioned that she would love for us to keep up with our website so that she could keep up with us...I then realized that I'd created my own new blog back over the summer and I was determined to keep it up. Did I? Nope, I didn't even make a first post...so why I am trying now?

I've been really busy with school this semester. It's basically been a first year teachers nightmare (Even though this isn't really my first year of teaching), because I've been teaching 2 subjects & I was asked to do it the 3rd week of school. I spend a lot of my time working on school work, keeping up our house, and trying to spend time with Matt. I don't really ever make time to just "chill." So I'm giving this blog thing another try. Matt & I are going to try to give our website another try as well...just for you Sara!

Like I said, school has been a little hectic this year. I've really been praying that God would just show me his plan for me. All my life I've never wanted to do anything but teach. Recently I've been thinking about whether or not God has something else for me. Maybe not right now, maybe not even in the next few years, but one day. Who knows what God's plan is, but I would really love to be a part of something huge. Something dealing with youth and ministry. (Maybe something like what I did my last summer of camp for Merrie) Who knows what His plan is, but I have learned the hard way that right now God's plan for me is to teach and to be my best at it. I have students that need their lives changed and the least I can do is be an example for them.

Other than being busy with school, we've enjoyed married life this fall by going to ASU football games, hanging out at the state fair, visiting family, and joining our first church together! We recently joined Journey Church in Raleigh and have enjoyed every minute of it so far.

So, there ya go. That's what's happening with me.


Life as a New Teacher

I know it's been a while since I've posted and last time I promised to keep my blog updated....I'm sorry. Last semester was a blur and student teacher was very busy, however, not as busy as life is now in the real world, or maybe not as hard as it is, I'm not sure which I would say. I began teaching the day after I graduated from college, literally, and have only stopped since then because I've been sick twice.

I've been learning a lot about God's soverignty lately. He has completely rocked my world over the past 4 months. So much that I can't explain everything, but I can give you a glimpse of just a few things; Matt got a really great job, I got a really great job, Matt's parents were a blessing enough to let me live with them for free so that we could have money for "us" when we are married, and wedding stuff is falling right into place. I also believe that God is on the brink of doing something huge in my dad's life, something I've been praying for since I was sixteen. I don't know what yet, but our God is huge and he can do anything.

So while I'm on the subject of talking about God doing huge things, I've been out of school sick for 5 days out of the month that I've been teaching. I've had strep throat and the flu and out of all of this, I've been praying "God what are you trying to teach me from this." Not that he is trying to show me something extraordinary by allowing me to pick up everything the snotty nosed kids bring in,but I've been in bed for 3 days this time and I think this was God's way of getting my attention to give him some of my time. I've never admitted it, but spending an hour or even thirty minutes a day in the real world, is so much harder than being in the Caswell bubble. Not that I don't want to take time to spend time with the Lord and learn, I just don't find time. I don't make time, I know I don't and I want to change. I have just began reading a book that my good friend Sarah Caulder recommended a few months ago, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I really hope this book helps me to learn to set aside time as I grow to desire God's word and time with him daily!

Another thing I'd like to do is take time to update you all on my life, to blog or journal a few times a week, geez or more than once every 6 months. We'll see how I do, stay posted and keep praying that God will continue to reveal himself to me daily as I begin this journey to be transformed into the Mary in this Martha world that he wants me to be!

ps- Matt is in the process of making a mattandmagan.com site for us to keep all of our friends and family updated on our lives as we plan for the wedding and then to use for people to keep up with us as we begin our lives together as "The Keiths," hopefully it will be up soon as well!