It's Crazy Around Here...and so is this post!

I must warn you before you read...this post is a modge podge of different topics & a bit unorganized, but so is life right now...

It's so crazy around the Keith house right now...Matt's basically living at Journey and I'm also crazy busy getting ready things ready for our grand re-opening on August 12th, as well as playing the role of mommy, wife, and a 7 month prego lady! We're 1 week into what we knew would be a crazy 2 weeks of final preparations and I'm doing okay...I had a bit of a melt down on Wednesday evening when Matt finally got home at 9:30, but my friend Heidi came to my rescue last night and made me come to her house for dinner & rest. (Which by the way is the reason I'm able to say I'm surviving today...taking time to let someone else cook dinner for you & make you put your feet up and rest works WONDERS sometimes!) 

Keep us in your prayers over the next week as we make final preparations at Journey for the 12th. If you're in the Raleigh area, you don't want to miss August 12th at Journey! We have the grand opening of our new kids & student space, a cd release of Journey originals, which by the way is AMAZING, relaunch of our student ministry, a connect party for reveal of new growth groups for the fall, and some other top secret things that are going to be awesome! God is doing some big things in and through Journey Church and I am so thankful to be a part of his work! 

This week I haven't had a chance to read any of my favorite blogs...I have about 50 unread posts in my favorites on my google homepage, but this morning as Laney was napping I happened to briefly scroll through and see that one of my favorite blogs that has been out of commission for almost 2 years is BACK and I just have to share it! If you get a chance, mom friends that like to read and friends that like to decorate... check her out! Such a great blog! If Carrie lived near Raleigh, NC, I totally feel like we'd be friends! 

Speaking of blogs...I owe you all 2 posts and I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had time to pull pictures off of my camera. Posts about the 2nd part of our vacation back in July & Laney's 1st birthday party are coming as promised...I just need to get through August 12th and maybe I'll get those pictures off!

And lastly, on top of the madness around here we've began our rearranging & planning for Baby Ben. Last weekend we moved our futon out of the office and gave it back to Matt's parents (who it belongs to anyway) and now I've begun trying to figure out how to organize our office into a playroom/office and prepare Laney's room for another crib. My sister is coming for the day tomorrow to help me figure out how to decorate each, as I'm feeling a little shabby and too tired to do it on my own.

Craziness in the Keith world right now, hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Anyone taking advantage of tax free weekend?

Pray I keep my sanitiy!