We'll to be honest, I'm sick and I don't feel like updating my blog. My wonderful boyfriend decided to mention my trip to Nashville in his blog and put a link...so I had to update. I guess it was about time, it's been a while.

I've been in my internship for 2 weeks now, and it's been lots of fun. I'm at Abby Hinton's middle school in Lenoir working with a 6th grade Social Studies class. I will be there until Dec. 5th so that means I'm not in classes all day learning, but I still have have lots of homework to finish before the end of the semester. I've been meaning to write about what God has been doing in my life recently, but I've been so busy I haven't. This is a perfect opportunity to share, because it has to do with my trip to the National Middle School Conference in Nashville, TN.

About 2 months ago, I was given the opportunity to go to the NMSA National Conference in Nashville, the only problem was that I knew I couldn't afford it. Most of you know my financial situation and know there is no way my mom could help me. I began praying that if it was God's will that he would provide a way for me to go. I'd heard so many wonderful things from my professors about this conference and I really wanted to go. I asked my dad to help me, but he ended up not being able to pay for me to go. Matt wanted to pay for me to go, but of course I wouldn't let him. I just figured it wasn't God's will for me to go. So, I just stopped praying and tried to move on. (pretty much everyone in my block classes were going and it was really hard for me) The week after the registration fee was due, my mom received a phone call from her best friend Patti Hartness. Momma told her about the conference and how I really wanted to go. She told mom for me to give her a call because her and her husband Randy wanted to pay for me to go. I told mom that it was too late and I left Patti messages to call me. I signed up for a fall retreat at Caswell and knew I would be able to make some money for Christmas and spend time with friends.

The next week, I was asked by a girl in my internship class if I would go to the conference if it was paid for. I told her I didn't know because I had signed up to go to camp. She had already paid the registration fee and raised $100 to pay for her hotel ($82) and food. She knew my situation and wanted to me to take her place because she couldn't go. I told her I would think about it and preceded to the bookstore. When I came back, after calling mom and Matt and asking them to pray, Kourtney was looking for me and wanted me to know that the department was paying the registration and the hotel fee...meaning I had $100 for food and other travel expenses. I knew this was an answer to my prayer and told her I would go. 20 minutes later, Patti called me and asked me to go to dinner with her. SHE WAS IN TOWN! I went to dinner with her and she told me she had something for me. Patti gave me a gift of $200 and told me she wanted to help with my trip. (She didn't know it was too late or anything!) Later that night, I got another call from AE , where I worked in high school and during the holidays at home. They wanted me to work floorset over my fall break. So..not only did my trip get paid for, I received extra money for food and travel, and I earned extra money at American Eagle for Christmas presents! God is amazing!!!!!!!!! It is amazing what he does for his children when we are obedient.

Nashville was so much fun. It was in the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and Convention Center.
(The picture is from the inside) GORGEOUS! I want to go back one day and take Matt.
I received all kinds of teaching materials and new ideas. I even got a job offer at South Charlotte Middle School. The principal told me to call her when I graduated. I got to see Laura when I was in Nashville and spend some quality catching up time with her. I also met her good friend Mark, who is amazing..but that is another story. All I have to say is that the Lord is faithful and when you put him first in your life and really let him take over, he can do some amazing things!

For this weekend, I am going to Fuquay to spend some time with Matt and his family. I haven't seen him in a few weeks, and I know it's going to be so much fun! As for now...as Matt would say...later


Football Traditions!

Well...It's been a while once again..I've been really bad with this blog thing. I've been extremely busy with Block II classes and getting things situated since I'm not student teaching next semester. I've been doing rediculous amounts of lesson plans and group projects...most of them I will probably never use again..but its ok..one day I will be a teacher I will give assignments!
Matt experienced his first K-town football game fireworks and all a few weeks ago. This past weekend, it was Appalachian's homecoming and Matt made the treck up the mountain to experience ASU football. Matt experienced his first ASU football game...he says its way different from Chowan. We had lots of fun with a pep rally, lipsync, and ofcourse CRU tailgate and a football game! I've carried on the tradition of going to a school with a really good football team. Here are some pictures from the game. The first one is Matt and I with my family at the A.L. Brown game, then Matt and I at the ASU Homecoming game, and then Katie, Sara, Keara, and I at tailgate...

Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon, until then, I'll continue watching ASU on their way to another National Championship!


It's been a while!

So its been a while since I've updated my blog! And...a lot has happened. I am back in Boone now in my new apartment! It's the first time in my life that I've had my own bedroom and it is wonderful! God did so many amazing things this summer and it would take me all day to type it all. I wish I had time to write a lot of stuff but I have so much to do before the first day of classes on Tuesday. I will post another update soon when I have more time.


Sweet Summer Time!

Well its been 2 months since I last updated my blog. I have been quiet a busy girl since March. With exams, major projects, camp stuff underway, and closing Gardner Hall there was no time for blogging. If I tried to tell you everything I've done since then you would be reading for days.

Since I've been home I've been traveling...big surprise! I was home for a few days when I got home at the beginning of May and I was able to spend some time with my family. I left again on May 12th for Matt's graduation. After graduation we headed to the beach for the week to celebrate my birthday (late) and rest before we start working hard at camp. Plus..we needed to be a normal couple for once. We had lots of fun..you know me...I layed on the beach a lot, soaked up some sun, played putt-putt....did all that stuff you do when you go to Myrtle Beach. We were down there when it was biker week and we actually saw Dave's parents! We came back to Kannapolis for a day to see Luke's baseball game and headed to Fuquay to celebrate his parents 25th wedding anniversary. I finally made it back to Kannapolis yesterday and I'm packing again to leave for Rachel's wedding on Thursday with the girls and finally to Caswell for the summer. I'll be there till August 12th...and I'll be in Ktown for about 3 days! I know God's got big plans for Caswell this summer and I can't wait to share with you what he does.

Life is so busy, but I love it! I just miss seeing my friends and family in Kannapolis. Summer time is one of my favorite times of the year. For the past 2 summer, now 3 I've been able to live at the beach and do God's work...can't get any better than that! If you come to the beach this summer come visit me at Caswell!!


Once Again I've Become Slack!

I'm getting pretty horrible at updating my blog...Matt has reminded me of that for the past few days. I told him to do it for me but he wouldn't. If you ever want to know what I'm up to..just read his because we usually write about the same thing. Anyways...

The last time I updated I'd been to West Virginia with the Praise and Worship Team. Since then I've done a lot! The weekend after that,
I got to spend some time with my long lost friend Jenni, ofcourse Craig, and Matt. We just did a little skiing at Sugar and spend some lazy time in Shelby. The week after that was pretty crazy with lots of work and preperation for spring break. Really...that week was a blur because I was so excited about the warm weather we had and the fact that spring break was right around the corner.

Spring break was wonderful! I spent it all over the Carolinas like I do every year. The first part of my break Matt and I went to Charleston to spend time with my dad and just relax. Matt had never been to Charleston so we had fun just walking around the downtown area and enjoying the sun. On Tuesday we headed back to Kannapolis and I just spent some time observing at Kannapolis Middle School, visiting grandparents, and spending just a little time with my mom and siblings. I would have liked to be able to spend more time with my family and visit Matt's family...but I would have needed another week to do all that.

On Friday I headed to Cary for rehearsal with the 2006 Praise and Worship Team. We spent time doing a lot of brainstorming, working with our teams, and getting to know each other. It was a great weekend of seeing some of my best friends, making new ones, and getting a lot done. I topped off my spring break by spending a few hours with Matt's family after we were done with worship on Sunday afternoon. It was really good to see them, but I had to force myself to get in the car and drive back to Boone. They are like my second family and once I was there I wanted to stay a few days.

I'm back in Boone now working hard and trying to get through the next 5 weeks of class. Between now and exams I have a million projects to complete and lots of duty to cover. I've had a hard time getting adjusted to this weather again because it was in the 80s last week and the past two days it has been 30 and snowing! Thats about it for now...I'll try to do better at updating this thing more frequently and if I don't, I know atleast 1 person will give me a hard time for not doing it!

ps- 26 days till my 21st birthday!


Long Weekends With the Pdubs...

So I know...Its been a few weeks since I've updated but I've been really busy with school work unlike some people I know who get to work on websites and cool media presentations all day long. I've been given a hard time about not updating my blog so I figured it was about time.

If I tried to update you on everything that I've done within the last few weeks, it would take all day for you to read. BUT! This past weekend was a blast. I headed up to West Virginia on Friday with the PWT for a little skiing and to do a retreat with 1200 youth from North Carolina. Friday night we went skiing at Winterplace and it was great. The snow is so much different there than it is at Sugar...I felt like I was skiing on sugar but the slopes are great. I was extremely sore when I woke up Saturday though!

After skiing on Friday we did some pretty hard work on Saturday...well atleast the guys did. For some reason everytime we go on a retreat the sound and light people always think that girls can't handle unloading equipment, so we always end up helping get things off the truck and then hanging out with Merrie. After lunch on Saturday all of us girls went back to the hotel to sit in the hot tub and relax (we were all so sore from skiing) We also took a nap and just chilled out a little bit before the concert. Audio Adreniline did their concert on Saturday night and I helped sell a little bit of merchandise and took some pictures for Matt. After the concert we had to pack up Audio A and unload all of our PWT equipment. Ofcourse the girls didn't really do much but run from the crazy janitor man while we loaded tshirts in the back of Jason's truck as fast as we could so he wouldn't get mad at us. We finally got everything unpacked and ready for worship about 2 am. Sunday our band played...well attemped to...but John couldn't play anything in key or sing the songs the way they were supposed to...and I messed up the powerpoint because I couldn't keep up with John. Needless to say we were all pretty tired! After the service was over we all packed up and headed back to NC. I rode back with Matt and it was good to spend some time with him after a long and tiring weekend.

As for this week, not much going on except for some research and reading I'm doing for a big advocacy project I'm working on. I'm really just looking forward to this weekend. I get to spend some time with my Matt and my long lost bestfriend Jenni and ofcourse Craig...


Busy Busy!

Its been almost 2 weeks since I've updated! Just goes to show how busy I've been. Being in the teacher education department is wonderful but I've been super busy doing projects, making websites, and reading!!! I've also been really busy with RA stuff and also trying to find a place to live next year. I really don't have a lot of time to relax but this weekend was nice.
1st of all...I got to spend the whole weekend with Matt. It was nice to have some Matt and Magan time...we haven't got to spend time together in a while...so it was great. We didn't really do much but relax and take a road trip to Hickory. I needed some relax time though.
2nd..it finally turned cold and starting snowing in Boone. I'm not the biggest fan of snow...but it is really pretty! ASU is such a pretty campus in the winter time. I've got lots to do...but I wanted to update before the week started. Have a great week!


Fun Times With The 4 M's

What a great weekend! Matt and the girls came up on Thursday night and we had a wonderful weekend. Friday Megan and I went shopping while Matt and Morgan went skiing. We walked around downtown Boone and Megan tried on prom dresses. Then we met Matt and Morgan at Sugar for the night skiing session. I finally went down the blue slopes and ventured away from the easy green stuff. I'm really surprised at the progress I've made in a year! I'm not really that atheletic but I've worked pretty hard at this skiing thing. Morgan and Megan spent a while on the beginner slope...it was Megan's first time skiing. She actually ended up doing really well...a lot better than I did my first time skiing. The rest of the weekend we just rested and relaxed because we were all so sore.

As for this week...not really much going on. Its a normal week of classes....except for the fact that I start my internship on Tuesday. I was placed at Blowing Rock Elementary in a 6th grade Language Arts class. It's going to be rather interesting but I'm sure it will be fun. This weekend I have to help with RA selection for next year and I'll be occupied all day Saturday doing that, Friday I am taking my girls ice skating! I'm sure I'll post again before that! Have a great week and check out my pictures..I finally updated them!


What a Legacy...

It's January 18th and it has been in the 50s for the past few weeks here in Boone. Some of us thought the winter weather would never arrive, and if you're like me...that was ok. Today...was a little different. I woke up to about 2 inches of snow on the ground, it was coming down pretty hard at 6:30 this morning, it was cold, and the wind was rediculous! Watugua county was out of school and so was Avery, Ashe, Caldwell, and Allegany...but ASU was on normal schedule. Instead of sitting around complaning about the weather, I've realized how blessed I am to live in Boone in the winter. It is absolutely gorgeous when it snows here. One of these days I'm gonna get out and take some pictures of how beautiful everything it is so everyone back home can see it.

As for classes, everything is underway and I am really enjoying them this semester. I have a lot of reading, but I'm learning a lot and actually getting excited about my future as a middle school teacher. My grammar class isn't so bad either. I am learning a lot about grammar and remembering a lot of stuff I was taught in the 4th grade. In the past I've had a hard time paying attention in an hour and a half class, but my grammar class isn't so bad. Next week I start my one day a week internship, either in Ashe or Wilkes county. I am so excited about spending my day with middle schoolers and getting a little experience in the classroom.

This entry is getting a little long, but I want to share a little about what the Lord is teaching me right now. Its something you should think about if you haven't already. Those of you who know my Matt know that he is always saying "one day at a time, one step at a time." For the longest time I've been like "Yeah Matt...ok, I am." Just recently, ASU lost a wonderful student, friend, and RA who touched many lives, even for those of us who didn't know her were touched by her. Her name was Leigh Lane Edwards. At her memorial service I read an excerpt from her journal and she had written about God and His grace and His love and His mercy. She wanted to be an example of that everyday and she never worried because she knew that He had her life planned out. She enjoyed each day and the glories of God's love each day. What an amazing testimony to have! I never knew Leigh Lane..but the testimony that she has left behind has really made an impact on my life. I've realized that just as excited as I am about becoming a teacher, growing up, getting married, and one day becoming a mom...I should be excited about living today and seizing every oppertunity that God lays before me. God's in control...no worries. Enjoy the day that He has given us and let Him do the rest!


Longest Week Ever!

Well ladies and gentlemen...I finally went skiing for the first time this year. This past weekend Matt and Dave came up and we went to Sugar. Zac and Briana, 2 RAs in my building went with us and I actually had a great time. Briana and I spent some time on the easy slopes and Briana really taught me a lot. I'm excited about this semester and the oppertunities that I am going to have to go skiing again. Matt is probably freaking out as he reads this sentence..because I didn't do anything but whine about skiing the whole way there. Maybe I'll actually take up skiing as something I like to do.

Its Wednesday night...1st week of school...I feel like it should be well into the 2nd week back. I am completely exhausted! But...on the flip side...I am really enjoying my classes and I know this is going to be a wonderful semester. My 4 education classes consists of a bunch of reading and projects. My grammar class is the only class I have with exams and they will be open book.

I don't really have much else to say except I am really ready for the weekend to get here. I am headed to Fuquay to spend some time with Matt and the Keith family. Stephanie is down from Kentucky so I'll probably get to spend some time with her too. Its time for a staff meeting...bye for now :)


Back to Boone!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog! Its hard to believe that Christmas and New Years has come and gone and I'm back to Boone for the 2nd semester of my junior year.

Break was a little different than most of my Christmas breaks in the past. This year I was able to take some time off from American Eagle and instead of working there everyday of my break, I just helped out with the new spring floorset. I worked 3 overnight shifts and had fun with my old AE buddies. Christmas was the best Christmas I've had in a long time. For Christmas, I got so much stuff, but my favorites include my new digital camera and my ipod.I really didn't do a whole lot except spend a lot of time with my family and Matt's family over break, it was some much needed family time. Matt came to Kannapolis Christmas Day and spent time with my family and then I went to Fuquay to spend time with his family through New Years. For New Years Matt and I, his parents, and his sisters, just hung around the house and watched the ball drop with Dick Clark while we drank sparkling grape juice. It was a wonderful break.

Now that I'm back in Boone I'm just getting all kinds of stuff ready for the semester. We have RA training this weekend as well as building prep with new door decs and bulletin boards. I've also been busy getting my room back in order because my roommate, Ashley, became an RA and now I have my own room. Its going be a great semester full of CI classes and the beginning of Block I. For all you non-education majors, I am taking a bunch of education classes this semester.

I know this is going to be a great semester and I know God is continuously at work in my life! I can't wait to see what this semester brings! For now...its time to get back to bulletin boards and door decs!