Football Traditions!

Well...It's been a while once again..I've been really bad with this blog thing. I've been extremely busy with Block II classes and getting things situated since I'm not student teaching next semester. I've been doing rediculous amounts of lesson plans and group projects...most of them I will probably never use again..but its ok..one day I will be a teacher I will give assignments!
Matt experienced his first K-town football game fireworks and all a few weeks ago. This past weekend, it was Appalachian's homecoming and Matt made the treck up the mountain to experience ASU football. Matt experienced his first ASU football game...he says its way different from Chowan. We had lots of fun with a pep rally, lipsync, and ofcourse CRU tailgate and a football game! I've carried on the tradition of going to a school with a really good football team. Here are some pictures from the game. The first one is Matt and I with my family at the A.L. Brown game, then Matt and I at the ASU Homecoming game, and then Katie, Sara, Keara, and I at tailgate...

Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon, until then, I'll continue watching ASU on their way to another National Championship!