Once Again I've Become Slack!

I'm getting pretty horrible at updating my blog...Matt has reminded me of that for the past few days. I told him to do it for me but he wouldn't. If you ever want to know what I'm up to..just read his because we usually write about the same thing. Anyways...

The last time I updated I'd been to West Virginia with the Praise and Worship Team. Since then I've done a lot! The weekend after that,
I got to spend some time with my long lost friend Jenni, ofcourse Craig, and Matt. We just did a little skiing at Sugar and spend some lazy time in Shelby. The week after that was pretty crazy with lots of work and preperation for spring break. Really...that week was a blur because I was so excited about the warm weather we had and the fact that spring break was right around the corner.

Spring break was wonderful! I spent it all over the Carolinas like I do every year. The first part of my break Matt and I went to Charleston to spend time with my dad and just relax. Matt had never been to Charleston so we had fun just walking around the downtown area and enjoying the sun. On Tuesday we headed back to Kannapolis and I just spent some time observing at Kannapolis Middle School, visiting grandparents, and spending just a little time with my mom and siblings. I would have liked to be able to spend more time with my family and visit Matt's family...but I would have needed another week to do all that.

On Friday I headed to Cary for rehearsal with the 2006 Praise and Worship Team. We spent time doing a lot of brainstorming, working with our teams, and getting to know each other. It was a great weekend of seeing some of my best friends, making new ones, and getting a lot done. I topped off my spring break by spending a few hours with Matt's family after we were done with worship on Sunday afternoon. It was really good to see them, but I had to force myself to get in the car and drive back to Boone. They are like my second family and once I was there I wanted to stay a few days.

I'm back in Boone now working hard and trying to get through the next 5 weeks of class. Between now and exams I have a million projects to complete and lots of duty to cover. I've had a hard time getting adjusted to this weather again because it was in the 80s last week and the past two days it has been 30 and snowing! Thats about it for now...I'll try to do better at updating this thing more frequently and if I don't, I know atleast 1 person will give me a hard time for not doing it!

ps- 26 days till my 21st birthday!