Its a Great Day to be a MOUNTAINEER!!!

I'm finally completely finished with this semester! And I am exhausted.This was a pretty crazy semester and I studied like crazy for my final exams. I'm really looking forward to my education classes next semester and being teacherly!

We got a lot of snow and sleet today. Probably about 4 inches total. It was a pretty interesting day. I had to venture out in the snow to take my roommate's books back and then I had to help move her stuff out. She is going to be an RA next semester in Hoey. Hopefully my new roommate, if I get one, will be nice. I won't know till next semester. It would be nice to not have one because I am so busy and I always have to get up so early.

I'm going home for Christmas break tomorrow and I'll be home until January 5th. I really can't wait to get home tomorrow! My family and Matt's are going to meet for dinner tomorrow night in Greensboro. I know its going to be lots of fun, we both have crazy families. I haven't seen him since thanksgiving so I am really excited. He's gonna come back with me to K-town tomorrow night and then we have an event with the PWT Saturday night. I'm looking forward to seeing all of them too. Sometimes I wish we could all just live in the same town and live together year round! Ain't nothing like my PWT girls! I miss them so much.

This will probably be my last post until next semester because our computer at home is pretty interesting. But....if you get a chance, watch ASU beat Northern Iowa in the division 1-AA national football champinship on ESPN 2 at 8:00pm. GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!! (Friday, December 16th)


Classes Are Over,Exams Are Here

So I've made it almost halfway through my junior year! It is so hard to believe that exams are here. I'm very thankful though! Its been a tough semester, I don't think I've ever worked as hard as I have this semester.

I'm working on a final exam for my American History class, actually I've been working on it for about 4 days now. I am at 11 pages tonight and I still have about 5 more topics to cover. This is probably going to be the longest paper I've written. I have to turn it in on Thursday, then I have a NC history exam on Friday, a Middle Eastern History exam on Monday as well as a British History exam, and then on Tuesday I have to go sit in my American Literature class for an hour and discuss a book. This weekend I'll probably study for my two exams on Monday and maybe go see ASU beat Furman at the semi-finals football game. We're gonna be on ESPN 2!! YAY!!

I'm really looking forward to next week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday especially! I have to stay on Wednesday and Thursday until all my residents leave. Wednesday I'm going Christmas shopping with Jenni in Hickory and Thursday I'll probably do RA stuff for next semester. Then Friday I finally get to go home. I know that's kinda far out but I am really excited about getting a break from all this work and ofcourse Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I'm excited about spending lots of time with friends and family.


Never Thought This Week Would End!

This has been the longest week of my college career! I've written 2, 6 page papers and read a 200 page novel. Along with being on duty and dealing with tons of RA stuff. I still have to read another novel and write 3 short journals for my British History class by Monday but I am in the home stretch of things. This is the first time I have taken a break since Sunday night when I got back from Thanksgiving.

I'll be in Boone this weekend getting the rest of my journals done and just relaxing a little bit before exams next week. I'm on duty this weekend on Friday and Saturday night so I can't do anything too exciting. Matt was trying to come visit and keep me company on duty but that didn't work out. He's leading worship at a church on Sundays this semester. Appalachian has a home playoff game on Saturday so I may to try to go to the game if it isn't too cold. Who knows! I'll post more later...for now I'm gonna go tackle this huge load of laundry I have!